It's-a Me Mario Christian Strunk

As a child, I spent a lot of time playing outside in nature. That slowly changed with the introduction of the Amiga, Game Boy, Nintendo, and other consoles and computer games. I was captivated and played until my eyes almost became square.

However, in 2007, I began my career in a surprising profession: as a baker.

That’s right – a baker!

After 4.5 years of mastering the art of baking bread, cakes, and other treats, I felt a new calling and ventured into studying business administration. During my studies, I met Alex Georgisn while we both worked at a small IT booth, fixing and pimping old PCs.

Back then, we both shared the trouble of girlfriends who were having a big problem everytime we went out for dinner...

They didn't know what to wear. A common problem... I've heard...

Long story short: Our first app project Pocketrobe ("Your whole wardrobe in your pocket") was born because we wanted to fix that problem.

This project opened the door of product development for me.

Career & Projects

2007 Baker
2012 Pocketrobe UG - Founder
2014 Shopgate - Junior Product Manager
2016 NewStore - Product Manager
2018 SumUp - Senior Product Manager
2020 Podcast Host - Product Bakery

2020 Product Coach - Freelancer
-> ready2order
-> Tropee
-> TradeRepublic
-> Ubitricity

Favorite Games

Pacman - Amiga
Sonic - Sega
Zelda: Link's awakaning - Game Boy
Pockemon (All Versions) - Game Boy
Super Mario World 3 - SNES
Super Mario 64 - Nintendo 64
Zelda Orcarina of Time - Nintendo 64
Super Smash Brothers - Game Cube
Anno 1602 - PC
Rollercoaster Tycoon - PC
World of Warcraft - PC
League of Legends - PC