Claim your product coins

Claim Your Product Coins


How The Coin System Works:

Earning Coins:
Coins can be earned by:

* By playing the product game and solving quests/tasks (sign up below).
* Claiming coins through specific claim buttons on this website.
* Participating in social media activities, on YouTube, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn.
* The referral and sharing program.

Using Coins:
Coins can be used in two primary ways:

1. Within The Game
* Unlock new quests and maps.
* Access special game modes and features.

2. In The Online Shop:
* Purchase items from the "App Store" section of our online shop. For example, instead of paying €10, you can use 1,000 coins (just an example).

Important Note:
Coins have no real-world monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash. They are non-transferable and must be used within the game or in the App Store section of this online shop. Please make sure to consistently use only one email-address to collect coins.
There is no claim to redeem coins for real money.

Please double-check the terms & conditions.

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