Product Development Email Game

Problem Statement:
I am sick of newsletters and email spam. At some point, I asked myself: 

*WHY must it be a "news-letter?"
*What's the value of a newsletter?
*How can I deliver high value to people's inboxes?

Conclusion And Soltion Intent:
I like playing games, and I know it's in humans nature to play.

Why not combine playing, learning, and developing skills in one?

That's the intention of this game.

Behind the game story are multiple "assessments" that help you to build an "in-game" product based on "real-world" circumstances.

And you get to decide how it works and if it saves the world!

The game is under constant development and will be regularly refined and updated.

If you'd like to look behind the curtains and eventually actively contribute and develop the game with me, feel free to join the community.

You'll be able to find
* the roadmap
* designs
* KPIs
* videos on how I built it
* tool recommendations
* and much more

Start the game below.

Looking forward to seeing you in-game ;-).

Play The Product Email Game

You're a product developer who landed on Silicon Island.
You have limited resoures and big dreams.
How will you survice and succeed?